Transaction Processing Services

"This can consume a lot of time". You have to carefully enter and fulfill all the transaction needs for all customers so as to track finances and sales and to dispose of order forms. To make appropriate business decisions and to organize data correctly as well as to provide good customer service, you have to have a proper organizational system for data entry. That is essential to coordinate the different types of transactions your business carries out every day.

We at SOS, have the ability to process transactions for various types of companies and specialize in all of those. We order, organize, submit and complete all steps of the transactional process, regardless of the kind of transactions that your company carries out.

An Overview of our Transaction Processing Services:

Processing of Forms

It is a monotonous task that consumes a lot of time to collect data from soft copies or even handwritten forms. We promptly make the data available electronically and make things simpler for you.

Services for Processing of Orders

Processing forms to apply for debit/credit cards (electronic as well as paper forms) are among the services we offer. We also verify the data (against criteria that are predefined) for confirmation, authorization and information.

Services Related to Litigation

You can concentrate on significant tasks related to litigation, when you avail of our services, as we structure, streamline and organize your documents. You can use the data we provide you throughout the case lifecycle as we index it for you and provide it in an electronic format. We organize all your files and pleadings in the manner you ask us to. You can use the files in future as you can archive these in the electronic format after your cases are resolved.

Services for Processing of Mortgages/Loans

We provide accurate and complete information after we screen applications with respect to predefined criteria. We verify the information on the application forms for mortgage/ loans, after we capture it correctly. If you contract us to do so, we also work to verify reported information.

Processing of Claims:

We report to you after determining eligibility and verifying the claim-related information. The information is captured electronically. We use our specialized professional teams and relevant technology to do so. We can process your claims on a separate commercial system or do so remotely on your system. In accordance with your specifications, we can offer services to audit claims, in addition to peak claim processing, augmentation of existing staff and full-service processing of claims. Data analysis, data mining, data capturing and online data entry services are among the additional high-end services that we can provide as the amount of your data with us continues to grow.

Services for Mailing and Fulfillment:

We can ship your products for you, besides handling processing of documents for the purpose, and thereby improve your efficiency. We can support the entire process of mailing and fulfilment. We can do that in the manner you want us to, besides the usual way through web forms, emails and phone calls.