Telecom Industry

To endure the economic uncertainty prevalent these days, which has led to an unstable environment, the telecommunications industry has been looking at out-of-the-box solutions. To win against such market odds, industry leaders are leveraging business process outsourcing (BPO) or adopting telecommunications outsourcing. From co-development of sophisticated 3G node elements to supporting mature product lines and call center outsourcing, telecom companies are outsourcing various business functions.

Outsourcing solutions assist telecom companies with the establishment of a flexible strategy to acquire and retain more customers, optimization of current investments, accessing specialized resources and the management of cost pressures.

With the requirement to perform better operationally, imperatives of technology, human performance challenges and management of growth among the major issues demanding greater focus, you have to rethink traditional models of operation. We possess several years of relevant experience and have in-depth industry expertise. We try to make the customer's experience profitable and valuable, and cover the whole spectrum of communication from end to end.

Services Provided to the Telecom Industry:

Acquisition of Customers

  • Customer data
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Add-on sales
  • Prospect management
  • Sales negotiations
  • Education and qualification of the customer


  • Porting support
  • Fulfillment of orders
  • Provisioning and order management
  • Account management and administration

Servicing of Accounts

Billing and Revenue Assurance
  • Management of frauds
  • Account consolidation and updates
  • Inquiries related to billing
Sales and Support
  • Multilevel technical support
  • Customer service
Receivables and Collections Management
  • Early stage
  • Late stage
  • Credit limit/expiration
  • High usage management
  • Inbound calls for internal handoff


  • Customer profitability analysis cost to save
  • Saves and retention
  • Customer profiling and plan analysis
  • Resolution of disputes
  • Retention/loyalty programs
  • Raising customer awareness for chosen plan
  • Data mining/data capture
  • Renewal of contract
  • Increase tolling

SOS provides comprehensive solutions to the  telecommunication industry on account of our in-depth industry experience. We can help you successfully bundle communication packages in the following:

  • Traditional long distance and local telephone services
  • Cable
  • Handheld computers and smartphones
  • Paging
  • Mobile phones
  • DSL and broadband

We align with your company's culture and meet your needs through the creation of innovative, effective and different subscriber experiences. We provide customized and creative solutions based on our expertise and experience.

We provide you with a thorough and complete solution based on our customized approach and comprehensive understanding as the communications industry continues to provide more of bundled packages. Irrespective of the service or product, we ensure reliable subscriber experiences as we execute consistently because of our in-depth understanding.