Software Solutions Services

The IT requirements of various businesses are unique and are based on their environment and domain. There are diverse solutions and off-the-shelf products available in the market, but these may require a lot of training to get started or may not be a good fit for the existing IT infrastructure or may be difficult to implement.

The customized services offered by SOS will help you build apps that are a good fit for your existing infrastructure and gel well with your environment.

We provide high quality software that meets your needs, whether you require intermediary blocks built into your system or require an end-to-end solution.

Types of Our Software Application Development Services:

LAMP Development:

SOS can help you reduce the cost and time required for app development by leveraging a number of open source solutions and tools for LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL +PHP) development. We have a lot of experience in the field.

Microsoft Development:

We can help you benefit from the simplicity of delivery and development provided by the Microsoft .Net platform. You can take advantage of the various application development requirements that are supported by the .Net class library.

Java Development:

Java/J2EE development offers you the cross-platform benefits of developing software that can be run anywhere once you write it. We help you develop the application you require, whether it is an enterprise solution, online web application or a web portal.

An Overview of Our Software Application Development Services:

  • Migration to the latest platforms
  • Development of apps that are of high quality
  • Existing product upgrades
  • Thorough testing
  • Extensive one-stop solutions
  • Latest skills and technologies

SOS team addresses your specific requirements through our customized apps.

  • We help reduce the time your personnel spend on training by customizing apps to fit in your existing processes and systems.
  • We cause minimum disruption to your existing framework and choose platforms to build apps accordingly.
  • We help reduce your total cost of ownership by using technologies you are used to, to ease maintenance in future and minimize dependence on us.
  • We test everything in depth.