Search Engine Optimization Services

The online market does not only include a lot of potential customers, but also a vast number of opportunities. It is a bustling and busy place. SOS can provide you with a proper SEO strategy to help you stand out. We don't use the common methods that involve a lot of risk to get your website ranked highly by search engines, including Google. We help you connect with new customers through paid advertising or placement in organic listings of leading search engines.

We help increase return on investment, conversion rate and website traffic through our SEO services, both off-site and on-site.

An Overview of Our SEO Services:

On-site SEO Services:

SEO Change Implementation:

Our web development experts implement the changes required in your website or assist your personnel implement our recommendations to achieve the desired results.

Technical SEO Audit:

Broken links, 301 redirect, 404 issues, duplicate content and sitemap, among others.

Additional On-Site SEO Changes:

We can analyze and rewrite the URL structure of websites and create XML sitemaps.

Keyword Research:

We analyze each page of your website and research your industry to find the phrases and keywords that can help optimize your website for optimal results.

Keyword Selection:

On the basis of the contents of each page, we will select the keyword phrases that are the most relevant.

Meta Tags:

For each page of your website, we write image tags, title tags, H1 tags and meta tag descriptions to bring in the maximum number of visitors.

Content Recommendations:

For each page of your website, we will thoroughly review the contents and make recommendations for naturally incorporating the selected keyword phrases.

Off-site SEO Services:

Online Publicity:

We will write and distribute press releases on your behalf.

Guest Posting:

We seek permission from various blog owners for publication of pertinent articles as guest posts. We write the articles in line with your website's theme and get those published.

Social Networking:

We create the relevant profiles for your business on relevant social media websites.


For building advanced links on behalf of clients, we help create infographics. Then, we submit them to various image-sharing websites.

Article Marketing:

We write and distribute articles on relevant topics, related to your business, online.

Content Marketing:

We write and promote relevant content for B2B companies to bring them more visitors and conversions.

Profiles for Local Search:

We get your business listed on leading directories on local search engines.

Industry Associations and Industry Websites:

We find niche industry websites that are highly relevant.

Video Marketing:

We submit videos to the leading video portals.

Commenting on Blogs:

We find relevant industry blogs and post well-crafted comments on those.

Weekly Reporting for Ongoing SEO:

We will see your website analytics and examine the SEO efforts with respect to the growth in conversion and the number of visitors. One of our SEO experts will meet you once a week to discuss and review the SEO activities and make any additional recommendations if required.