Retail and Wholesale Accounting

Retail and wholesale companies are consistently influenced by transformations in the economic system and periodic variations in their customers' spending patterns. Your business can adapt and remain lucrative with the help of our ISO 9001:2008 certified company, that is competent in offering wholesale and retail accounting services. We at ‘SOS’ can assist you to remain profitable during the slow seasons by using an amalgam of sensible budgeting, thorough financial controls, as well as constant cash flow management.

At SOS, we genuinely recognize that accounting and bookkeeping for retail business is a complex process involving large number of transactions. We provide an extensive list of wholesale and retail accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services that will suit your requirements and keep up your profits. We're responsive to the fact that retail businesses need to continually keep an eye on their expenditures, therefore we provide weekly reports that enable you to monitor where exactly your money is going and plan well in advance. With our retail store accounting and bookkeeping services, your business will keep up the pace with your competitors and obtain the mandatory assets to grow and flourish.

Our Accounting Services for Retail and Wholesale Businesses:

  • Retail Bookkeeping & Accounting (sales receipts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank account reconciliations, and so on.)
  • Inventory management
  • Tax preparation services
  • Budget creation and updation
  • Payroll processing services
  • Benefits management
  • Weekly estimated Profit & Loss by business units, outlets and entire company
  • Sales and labor reporting by business units and outlets
  • Daily Cash Flow analysis with comprehensive drill down capability
  • Management set up custom decision-support reporting
  • Transactional reporting
  • Industry best practices as well as benchmarking
  • Inventory and shrink regulation
  • We keep track of your Sales Tax
  • Review of your service provider bills

Why Outsource Retail Accounting Services to SOS?

Over 100 independent grocers depend on us to assist them in:

  • Get access to certified professional bookkeeper
  • Focusing on the net profit and expanding their businesses
  • Realizing financial savings to as much as 40%
  • Leveraging accounting best practices and continuing process enhancements
  • Improving controls and ascertaining conformity with accounting stipulations

Our Retail Clients Consist of:

  • Department stores
  • Discount stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Meat and poultry markets
  • Electronic shopping and mail-order houses
  • Specialty stores
  • Dollar stores
  • Drug shops and pharmacies
  • Shoe stores

Our Wholesale Clients Consist of:

  • Durable goods wholesale suppliers
  • Grocery and relevant products wholesale suppliers
  • Motor vehicle supplies and new parts wholesale suppliers
  • Beer and ale wholesale suppliers
  • Furniture wholesale suppliers
  • Tobacco and tobacco products wholesale suppliers
  • Wine and distilled alcoholic wholesale suppliers
  • Electrical equipment, cabling supplies and related equipment wholesalers
  • Roofing, home siding and insulation material wholesale suppliers
  • Industrial and personal service paper wholesale suppliers

Get in Touch With Us:

Why not schedule a totally-free accounting review, to understand how outsourcing retail accounting services to SOS can enhance your procedures, save you time and cash, and assist your business expand? Our accounting specialists make general accounting and bookkeeping tasks easy for retailers and recommend a solution that’s perfect for your business. Get in touch with us at +1 646-688-2821 or email us at to know more.