Today, retail and wholesale are under pressure to rethink the ways in which they do business on account of challenging economic conditions, consolidation, globalization and rising customer demands. To compete better and drive down costs, companies have to reengineer the supply chain, utilize service and product innovation to create fresh revenue streams, reach new markets and to understand customers better.

SOS helps retail and wholesale through technology and business transformation to adapt and remain competitive. We develop, execute and manage complex systems in retail that are essential for success in a marketplace that is changing constantly.

Retail and wholesale face ever-increasing demands for improvements in profit margin and performance. Increase in expectations of consumers and competition require successful companies to make fewer errors and work with fewer resources to deliver more. We team up with wholesale clients to enhance their supply chains from sourcing to returns management. We operate at international standards and aim to be an economical and strategic solutions provider.

Services Provided to the Retail and Wholesale Industry:

Merchandising and Buying

  • Management of Master Data
  • Planning of Space
  • Merchandising Analytics
  • Pricing Support
  • Assortment Organization

Accounting and Finance

Marketing and Store Operations

  • Marketing and Loss Prevention
  • Tracking of Competitor Pricing
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Back Office Support
  • Management of Promotions

Management of Supply Chain

  • Replenishment
  • Procurement Support
  • Management of Inventory
  • Management of Warehouses
  • Management of Orders

Online Operations

  • Management of Digital Content
  • Support for Social Media
  • Support for Order Management
  • Support for Promotions
  • Support for Web Merchandising
  • Support for Marketing
  • Web Analytics

Benefits of Wholesale Outsourcing:

Saving in Costs:

Cost effectiveness is the first purpose because of which many wholesalers opt for outsourcing.

Risk Sharing:

You should augment investments in the stock of different companies instead of one company, while dealing in investing and finance.

Core Competencies:

Wholesalers aim to focus on core competencies, when they outsource non-core business activities. In this manner, they can put in hundred percent efforts towards the core activities.


In addition to analysis of core activities, outsourcing facilitates focus on strategic issues.


Companies can spend the savings they make through outsourcing on other augmentation strategies required.