Restaurant and Hospitality Industry

Exceeding guest expectations through efficient management of your talented staff to acquire profitable and loyal guests can lead to success in the restaurant and hospitality sector. The quality of guest services can be impacted negatively, along with your profitability, if there are inefficiencies due to the absence of appropriate IT infrastructure. It is critical to have a powerful system focused on your complex financial management and human capital (multi-property and multi-company) requirements.

SOS's hospitality solution helps restaurants, catering organizations, resorts and hotels to improve profitability, optimize human capital, build employee and guest loyalty, manage finances, streamline business processes and control the costs of materials. You can improve back-end and customer-facing business performance through practices you can follow with the help of our industry-specific solution.

We focus on the acceleration of operational efficiencies and expansion of the scope for innovation as we address challenges in financial processes, business transformation, engineering services and information technology.

During the past few years, there have been some radical changes in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Companies strive to get maximum customer retention, advocacy, loyalty and preference in a competitive and highly complex market. You can gain customer conversion in direct proportion to your market presence.

Why Prefer SOS?

We try to provide the industry's best service processes through better virtualized business models, innovation and quality by focusing on comprehension of core needs of customers. We conduct appropriate research and analysis focused on positioning, target fixation, and market and customer segmentation, among other strategies for capturing the market.

Our Services for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry:

Sales Analysis

We constantly provide you updated information crucial for your business through a service that connects to your point of sale system and analyzes your sales versus your expenses in the format you require.
You can access these reports any time through our secured website

Accounting, Control and Bookkeeping

General ledger, accounting, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable and invoice processing are among the restaurant accounting services we provide. You can access financial statements such as cash flow reports and profit and loss statements at any time through our password protected website.
We guarantee your peace of mind and optimum profits for your company by putting in place detailed external and internal control systems.

Business Analysis

You can compare your business day-to-day, week-to-week or for any other current time period against a prior period of time through an analysis to determine the profitability of any part of your business through the analysis we provide you. As mentioned before, you can access the reports any time through our secure website.

Depending on your requirements, you can get reports from very simple ones to those with deep analysis. You can also review basic business ratios on a day-to-day basis.

Business Start-ups

You can compare actual figures against a budget to find out if your business is going the way you want it to or requires adjustments, based on inputs from a system we can set up for you.

BPO Services

  • Optimization of staff schedules
  • Effective business intelligence.
  • Management of loyalty programs
  • Reservation support
  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Web reservations
  • Fraud control
  • Inbound email reservations
  • Vendor research and procurement intelligence

Data Management

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IT Services

  • Application testing services
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Production and maintenance support
  • Reservation system maintenance and update
  • App development and maintenance
  • CRS management
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Licenses and Taxes

We handle preparation of your state income taxes, federal income taxes, payroll tax and sales tax on your behalf. We make sure that the expertise required for your situation is always there and partner with enrolled agents and CPAs for that purpose.

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