Accurate and Fast Tax Preparation with ProSeries


Implementing modern technology continues to be a challenge for the majority of businesses these days. Be it any industry, all demand latest equipment such as diverse tools and software to make their work simpler, correct and faster every time. In the area of tax preparation, there has been an incredible transformation with respect to the way in which the people work. Previously, they used to prepare tax returns along with other supporting documents on papers by their own computations and manual efforts. They used to have their ledger registers as well as several other paper documents. They were required to look after each and every calculation, pen down each entry and keep up the records appropriately. They had to maintain proper files for each customer and had to evaluate them whenever they required data or perhaps key information. It used to consume a great deal of time and efforts. These days, people have grown to be advanced and the majority of them are looking for different options to lessen their burden and time utilization.

Introduction to Intuit’s ProSeries Tax Preparation Software:

Intuit’s ProSeries tax preparation software is one such option that is an ideal solution for any tax preparer. It is possible to file tax returns conveniently using the software, thereby making it well-recognized as a quicker approach for preparing and filing tax returns. This tax software bears diverse features that help tax preparers in lots of ways, some of the characteristics are pointed out below:

Tax returns preparation in a considerably faster manner:

While making use of the ProSeries tax preparation software, there is no need for unnecessary data entry. All of the tasks are carried out electronically that makes the entire process of tax preparation a lot quicker.

Automated calculation:

ProSeries tax preparation software tends to make your work trouble-free with the help of computerized computations.

Handling tax clients correctly:

It includes a lot of options which permit conversation with your clients and present them all the data as and when they need from you or maybe you need from them. It accumulates the client data without any complication.

Finding tax answers swiftly:

ProSeries tax preparation software comes with an integrated product that responds to queries concerning tax and thus is useful in tax planning. You may provide suggestions to your clients to decrease their tax due, which helps them economizing on their finances.

Can save money and space by presenting paperless options:

There is no need for you to maintain files and paper records. Every single record is saved electronically, which does not require space and consideration for the upkeep.

User friendly:

Intuit’s ProSeries software has an assistance tool that makes it an easy-to-use software. It offers an intuitive user interface, which individuals enjoy using.

Intuit ProSeries Basic Edition:

The ProSeries Basic edition is suitable for tax preparation primarily for individuals or single professionals. It essentially is the most pocket-friendly tax preparation software with a relatively easy user interface, making it possible for the client to fairly comply with and take part in the outsourced tax calculation and e-filing procedure. The ProSeries Basic edition is particularly beneficial in:

  • 1040 tax preparation and Schedule C income tax returns
  • Allows inputting ELFIN any time e-filing tax returns, that is compulsory for IRS conformity
  • Provides in-depth category specific checklists for facts collection
  • Allows data inputs into forms as well as the worksheets
  • Has integrated error diagnosis and modification features

Intuit ProSeries Professional Edition:

The ProSeries Professional version can be utilized in tax preparation for both individuals as well as medium-scale to large-scale corporations. Tax preparation with ProSeries Professional edition:

  • Includes an extensive listing of forms in addition to schedules for data inputs
  • Offers superior integration with QuickBooks
  • Allows straight-through scanning of W-2 and 1099 customer information
  • Allows comprehensive diagnostics of income tax data

Give us an opportunity to take care of your taxation related processing needs, guaranteeing conformity to the IRS as well as tax filing periodic due dates. We make use of state-of-the-art and extensive tax preparation software such as Intuit’s ProSeries and also Lacerte, to carry out cost-effective and precise tax preparation services.