New Business Services

Costs often go out of control for carriers due to inordinately long lead times for underwriting. Because of that, underwriters are busy with correcting discrepancies in submitted applications rather than getting new business quickly on the books. They spend valuable time in recollecting data from applicants or agents. A solution that puts them in control once again is what they require.

Ideally, there should be a solution powerful and dynamic enough for new underwriters to use quickly and without a steep learning curve. It should also let senior underwriters focus only on cases that need their expertise. It should streamline the whole process of application, remove redundancies and provide quicker approvals of applications.

SOS helps its clients improve their new business operations, through a distinctive approach for underwriting and new business, based on our commitment to excellence in processes. We assist companies with solutions for business processes including services for underwriting support, gathering of requirements, policy management, data entry and indexing and imaging of applications.

An Overview of Our Services for New Businesses: