Shipping and Logistics Industry

The shipping and logistics industry has benefited through reduced cost of operations and improved efficiencies as a result of adopting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a strategy. Shipping and logistics companies generally have high recurring costs like rising fuel bills, in addition to substantial capital expenditure. As costs continue to rise and the economic environment remains uncertain, companies in the sector try to use outsourcing to optimize input costs and revenues. They try to achieve that through operational efficiency via tailored solutions for operations, customer services and sales.

You can try out an integrated logistics solution, tailored according to your specific requirements, for your company. SOS is specialized and agile in creating tailored business models. Let us create a solution to meet your company's specific needs to provide information for your decision makers and stakeholders, while providing efficient documentation, lowering costs of logistics and reducing inventory.

Industry professionals, who are highly qualified and have in-depth domain knowledge, manage our shipping and logistics vertical. Our service offerings can be tailored further to suit your specific needs and cover a broad range of back-office solutions for the shipping and logistics industry.

Our team is highly skilled and has worked as a trusted partner for leading logistics facilitators, airlines, truckers and retailers in many countries for a long period of time. If you are facing the circumstances that others in your industry are, then you have to deal with the challenges given below:

  • The excessive focus of the management on functions that are not at the core of your business
  • Problems related to hiring and retaining administrative resources that are highly skilled
  • Fast increase in overhead costs and expenses in all operational areas

If you partner with us, you can benefit from having your key staff focus on your company's core issues. We innovatively utilize our deep knowledge in logistics in every transaction. We closely work with carriers, trucking companies, shippers, freight forwarders, intermediaries and rail lines. We are aware of the accuracy, time and values required in logistics and have sufficient qualifications to meet your expectations.


Processing of Bill of Lading (BOL)

The BOL serves as a receipt for consigned goods, a carriage contract and a document of title and, therefore, is a significant document

Electronic BOLs (e-BOLs) are generated nowadays instead of the paper BOLs generated traditionally. These let companies create encrypted BOLs online and generate, review, modify, transmit and print BOLs securely.

We help you generate e-BOLs on your shipments, irrespective of whether you are an exporter, a logistics provider or a transportation company, through back-end support. We help you realize faster freight documentation, financial settlements and enhanced productivity. That is because we help you make considerable savings on processing time and paperwork. We deliver e-BOLs to you even earlier than the dispatch of your shipments.

Services for Processing of Freight Payments

We offer such services to third-party payment providers and third party logistics providers (3PPs and 3PLs), in addition to exporters and transportation companies. Through these services, we help them handle substantial volumes of freight bills.

A lot of logistics companies' time goes into processing and paying freight bills that carriers raise. Our expert team approves your bills after reviewing each process, audit and invoice. We also transfer funds electronically to disburse these according to the invoices, if this service is included in the outsourcing contract. You can save a lot on your bill processing costs and time by outsourcing freight payment processing to us. By availing our freight bill processing service, you can shorten your processing cycles, reduce administrative costs and eliminate claim disputes, overcharges and duplicate bills.

Pre-Audit Services for Freight Payment

Many carriers issue freight bills for large logistics providers, which these companies then have to deal with. Common occurrences include errors in critical data and rates, in addition to inaccurate billing. These happen on account of the frequent changes in exchange and freight rates, along with long cycles for processing.

We review each freight invoice at the transactional level and compare it against relevant shipment documentation such as negotiated rates and the BOL. We highlight and recheck all billing errors and bring these to the carrier's attention.

You can compare various carriers on the bases of total billing and rates, if you avail of our audit services. Based on that, you can decide which carrier is more profitable and cost-effective.

If you outsource to us, you can save the time you would otherwise lose while rectifying inaccurate bills and resolving disputes.

Post-Audit Services for Freight Payment

We check for errors in payments made already to carriers by 3PL providers. We ensure rectification of errors and bring all overbilling instances to the attention of the providers.

We review all paid carrier invoices in depth and scrutinize price-related issues such as discounts, classifications and contract rates negotiated. We provide relevant documentation and file overcharge claims to the carrier concerned, if any discrepancies are discovered.