Healthcare Industry

Enhancement in the quality of care delivered is the focus of the change that the healthcare industry is going through worldwide. Cooperation among the stakeholders in an integrated ecosystem for healthcare is also being focused on more and more.

The major trends in healthcare are as follows:

  • Compliance with changes in regulation
  • Bending the healthcare cost curve
  • Using the existing mandates meaningfully
  • Integration of management of care
  • Augmentation of efficiency in operations
  • Improvement in clinical outcomes
  • Greater focus on customers
  • Modernization and transformation of legacy systems

Healthcare companies are maximizing business process value and redefining their operating models by leveraging business process outsourcing (BPO).

At SOS, we extend insight-driven back office solutions to our healthcare clients. Offering solutions that are highly effective, adept and credible is our USP. Our specialists syndicate real-life scenarios, business insights and clinical comprehensions using our top-notch tools and technologies to offer you incessant healthcare support.

If you are searching for world-class solutions for Healthcare outsourcing, then turn to SOS without giving it a second thought.

Our back office solutions can help you in ‘extending your enterprise’. We deliver your business processes optimally while you focus on your core competencies. This is made possible by our focus on operational excellence, our worldwide delivery network and in-depth domain expertise. We optimize technology and make continuous improvements in processes to help reduce operational costs.

Healthcare Services – Providers and Payers

Provider Services:

Hospital procedures incorporate a couple of interrelated processes. SOS handles complex business procedures quite efficiently, making sure that not a single thing is missed out, freeing hospitals from their administrative workload to offer satisfactory healthcare services.

SOS helps medical practitioners, dentists, doctors by handling their patient data & back office procedures such as Medical Transcription, Medical Billing and Medical Coding (CPT and ICD) with the help of a solution-oriented strategy, enabling them to attend to their current business priorities.

Payer Services:

Claims Processing: We comprehend the fact that if claims are not filed appropriately or if there is any gap in maintaining and filing the right patient statistics, claims may lead to rejection. In order to prevent you from all these hassles, we offer advanced healthcare claims processing services to medical service providers all across the globe.

Account Receivables: SOS provides you an efficient system of control to correctly manage your accounts receivables and recovery. We deliver accurate healthcare accounting services that assist you to recover funds as rapidly as possible. We intend to speed up your cash flows and decrease the accounts receivable days by submitting clean-claims that are free of any discrepancies and doing a pertinent assessment of the rejected claims while continually following up with patients for unsettled claims and payments.

Customer Service: Telephone, email or web-based, our customer service includes incoming and outgoing calls and responses.

Why SOS?

To successfully perform their business, economic and social agendas; public service, government and healthcare organizations around the world face complex challenges. At the local, regional and national levels, measurable performance, better execution and quality of service is increasingly in demand by the constituents. The significance of well-being, privacy, security of citizens, along with affordability, compliance and transparency, in addition to holistic solutions coordinating efficiency and service delivery can hardly be discounted.

We provide a broad variety of services to non-profit organizations, payer and provider networks, healthcare providers, public utilities and services, local authorities (like transportation and defense), among other private and public sector organizations or entities. These include the following:

  • Our experience in customer service and care helps you meet the expectations of patients/citizens.
  • Our proven track record and core competencies in large-scale business-to-consumer support operations help clients streamline delivery of public service or care.