Document review in various respects is the most cardinal facet of eDiscovery matters. It is often the most expensive, time consuming and labour intensive aspect of a case.

SOS's eDiscovery services facilitate in accelerating the document reviewing and managing costs with the help of a two-phase process. We assist in articulating the areas of greatest relevance to the case, and our 1st phase allows us to review large amounts of data troves in a heedful and cost effective way to classify this targeted content. During the 2nd phase, we unitedly work with your team to review and bring forth relevant findings from the prioritized data, while putting together the information for reuse later on.

An Overview of Our Document Review Services:

SOS team can help with the following chores:

  • Objective document coding
  • Document reviewing for privilege and/or confidentiality
  • Coding documents for issues along with subjective criteria
  • Building charts of fundamental terms or concepts
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Focused and issue-specific reviewing of the documentary database
  • Helping counsel and expert witnesses in establishing an evidential database.

Why Choose SOS?


Our team of Employees and Project Managers comprises of highly proficient and trained legal practitioners who hold an expertise in managing and staffing document review projects, inclusive of litigation support services, mergers and acquisitions, government investigations, and antitrust issues.


We distinguish ourselves from others through our top-quality work product, our 100% emphasis on document review, and our reputation for complete transparency.


When it comes to selecting top-notch legal experts for document reviewing, we combine best practices for recruiting along with the exclusive technology. We hire people who have vast experience in the practice area, language, and review platform to increase productivity and quality.

Process, Technology and Infrastructure:

We apply a process-driven approach in all our services to heighten the productivity and efficacy of document review, which includes recruiting technology, training, consecrated review facilities and established practices of project management.

Dependability and Cost Reduction:

Our clients comprise of Fortune 500 legal departments, whose main challenge is carrying out a cost efficient review without having to sacrifice the quality of work product.


  • Deep Industry Experience
  • Professional and Experienced Team
  • Timely Completion of Your Projects
  • Competitive Costs
  • Solid Infrastructure
  • Impressive Results for Your Business
  • Round the Clock Operations
  • Assured Data Security & Confidentiality
  • A Simple Pricing Model
  • Dependable Customer Support