Contract Management Services

Every legal organization, or lawyer, one or the other time, gets flooded with contracts. Handling those contracts and maintaining their databases needs a team of intelligent, devoted lawyers who can review, summarize, and find out key contract terms.

SOS's effective, accurate and reliable contract management solutions are aimed at enabling clients to make informed business decisions.

An Overview of our Contract Management Services:

SOS assists law firms and corporate legal departments in drafting, reviewing and managing contracts

Drafting Contracts:

Our first-cut drafts are prepared with the help of:

  • Standard templates, which correspond to your house style and
  • Distinct variables associated with each contract

Your attorneys continue to be in full control over the quality of the draft without having to spend time on routine tasks. We help you with:

  • Analyzing your drafts
  • Preparation of standard templates
  • Finding out the variables related to each contract, and
  • Developing a checklist of clauses that could be required to take care of the distinguished requirements of each agreement

Above all, your lawyers simply need to provide the variables and a checklist of clauses to be added or removed while our legal team prepares a draft for review. Our customers have observed a great reduction in time involved in finalizing a contract as we work unitedly.

SOS is able to handle a wide selection of contracts that include:

  • Property Law
  • Corporate & Securities
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Drafting Legal Documents
  • Draft complaints

Contract Reviewing:

We can review draft contracts obtained from other legal companies or corporate legal departments and point out clauses which:

  • Are difficult or not in your best interest
  • Don't adhere to your standard templates
  • Are contrasting with commercial understanding

We can also help in preparation of draft responses or Memoires for negotiation.

Management of Contracts:

SOS can assist in Contract Management by keeping a complete database of all your contracts and hence render an overview of:

We can also summarize all obligations and covenants (to help in compliance) along with all rights (to impose compliance).