Claims Management services

To improve the efficiencies of their processes for administration of claims, more and more of leaders in the insurance industry are turning towards outsourcing. The benefits that insurance claims management companies can avail of through outsourcing of insurance claims processing include the following:

  • Fraudulent claims management
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Customer service of a high quality in spite of business volume fluctuation
  • Greater accuracy in settlement of claims
  • Reduction in operations cost

SOS partners with leading insurers to deliver outsourcing services for processing of insurance claims and is a global provider of services in business process outsourcing. Insurers achieve dramatic improvements in processing of claims through greater accuracy in settlement of claims and reduction in costs when they avail of our services. We help you maximize the value gained through outsourcing through our methodologies and tools, operational excellence focus and experience in the insurance industry.

An Overview of Our Claims Management Services:

  • Legacy application modernization
  • Setup of insurance claims
  • Settlement of accounts
  • Estimation of and eligibility for insurance claims
  • Auditing and support of claims
  • Imaging of claim documents
  • Adjudication on a fast track
  • Adjudication of full claims
  • Disbursement

Why Choose SOS?

We help the organizations for which we handle claims administration in the following ways:

  • Reduce, 20% on an average, the core overall administration expenses
  • Reduce up to 50% the cost of claims processing
  • Achieve financial accuracy of 99.7%
  • Achieve procedural accuracy of 99.3%