Client Scuess Stories and Case Studies


Case studies

Outsource Function: Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, and Reporting

Working hand-in-hand with the client, we attained an in-depth understanding of their processes, needs, and unique challenges. In line with this understanding, we put together a dedicated team of our competent accountants who worked directly with their in-house team to transition the accounting tasks.

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Outsource Function: Bookkeeping / Accounting Back Office

Customer is a US CPA firm providing bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and tax advice to SMEs. Their client base includes; Entrepreneurs, Partnerships, Corporations and Not for Profit organizations. CPA firm's clients are divided into 2 types: Real-Time clients who have regular flow of work on weekly or monthly basis and After-the-Fact market...

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Outsource Function: Discovery Process

We are dealing with the motor vehicle accident cases of Law Firm. The person who met with the accident goes to the hospital take treatment and he doesn't pay money to the hospital, the hospital is having the responsibility to claim the money to the Insurance Company, where the person gets insured...

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Outsource Function: Legal Back Office

Drafting of Complaints for Tenants in cases relating to Illegal Rent Increase, Relocation Assistance Fee for no-fault eviction and Substandard Premises...

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Outsource Function: Legal Document Processing

This was entirely a new experience for us, as we did the work on Lexisnexis CaseMap software. In this the core element of services were organization of case documents, linking the data together and streamline the workflow...

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Outsource Function : Law Firms Finance and Accounting

Our client, who is outsourcing their law firm’s accounting tasks to us since 2015, was not happy with their previous service provider. The reason behind this was the mistakes on the service ...

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