Administrative Support Services

We at SOS, have the ability to process transactions for various types of companies and specialize in all of those. We order, organize, submit and complete all steps of the transactional process, regardless of the kind of transactions that your company carries out.

You can do more business and save costs on payroll, supplies and office space through administrative outsourcing. SOS can arrange an appropriate solution for you, whether it is for ongoing support or for a specific project.

We can scale up in accordance with market and technology demands and are equipped to service your requirements. We ensure timely delivery and good quality by following a process flow that is properly structured. Our team professionally delivers high quality services and has plenty of relevant experience. We meet your needs for administrative support and are accessible through telephone calls, email and chat. You can reach us instantly at any time of the day or night.

An Overview of Our Administrative Support Services:

Word Processing:

We work on existing as well as new documents like articles, correspondence, manuals and reports and perform formatting of design and layout, and copy fitting.

Planning of Events:

We order meals/refreshments, schedule/secure conference rooms for meetings, coordinate training and/or audio visual equipment, handle arrangements for travel and register attendees on your behalf.

Desktop Publishing:

We create marketing material, stationary or business forms for you.

Office Logistics Management:

We create and manage files, route and answer telephone calls, schedule appointments/meetings and maintain a calendar, besides processing and opening incoming and outgoing mail .

Management of Data:

We develop and maintain spreadsheets and databases and also enter data in them as required.

Proposals and Reports:

We maintain as well as create proposals, presentations, publications, reports, and documents.