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Established in 2008, SOS is a leading ISO 9001:2008 certified company offering global business services like finance and accounting, legal support, insurance back office, data management and research & analysis. We incorporate a passion for client satisfaction, technological innovation, deep-rooted industry and business process knowledge and a global, collaborative team that embodies the future of work. Our extensive suite of solutions span across multiple industries, such as real estate, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, travel, retail, hospitality, technology, telecom and a lot more that assists your business in planning further, transparent and better optimized customer interactions and experiences- from strategy creation through implementation.

Since our founding, SOS has crafted a profitable business by concentrating on a basic yet persuasive objective: supporting our clients' success, that comprises of distinct international client base, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We accomplish this by means of careful, strategic investments in technology, processes, and—most significantly—people. In fact, SOS's people are our greatest strength. They are our clients' "secret weapon" for first-rate business process outsourcing support.


We at SOS provide a multitude of value-added services to businesses across the globe so as to help them acquire business value and attain a competitive edge.

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We Understand Your Business

SOS has served more than 300 clients, across 15 countries. We have worked with large, small businesses across verticals; corresponding deliverables to their business requirements.

We Strive for Excellence

We have lived through intense competition and market fluctuation, and have evolved simply to become more robust. This can be accredited to our core competencies and tech supremacy.

We Value Human Expertise

We have a pool of dedicated, result driven experts with many years of expertise and experience. We comprehend your industry’s ideal practices, and the issues confronted by your company.


Don’t Make False Promises

We aren’t winging it, and we don’t make fake promises that we can’t keep. We provide a specialized service for an affordable fee; we see no reason to fake to do anything besides this.

Forget About You after Signing Up

We don’t ignore you once you've signed up with us simply because we are getting the money, no matter what. We never send random emails that don’t add up.

Have a Huge Advertising Budget

We have a pool of dedicated, result driven experts with many years of expertise and experience. We comprehend your industry’s ideal practices, procedures and the issues confronted by your company.

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Our value-added services can free up your in-house teams from the tedium of repeated, nevertheless time-consuming, everyday tasks. Regardless of whether you are eyeing considerable financial savings, or trying to introduce efficiencies or digitization, we are able to assist you in achieving your goals. Sign up for a free consultation with us to check if outsourcing is a fit for you.


Our values assist us in attaining our targets and helps us plan to acquire the desired outcomes. Our corporate values act as our guideposts to define the path we need to stick to - for our business relations with our clients and the networks in which we work.


With you, we establish and present business outsourcing solutions that suit your requirements and steer the outcomes you need.

SOS allows you to re-define your processes and boost performance. We seek to empower you to act more expediently & intuitively to transform the market dynamics. By fortifying your potential to utilize the appropriate technology, we assist you in becoming more agile and smart.



SOS’s Management Team is in charge of the strategic direction and the everyday activities of the company. Taking care of all the facets of the company’s operations, the team works in tandem to make sure that SOS not just fulfills the demands of its customers, however presents an optimistic, revolutionary, and enjoyable working environment for employees as well.

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